Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thank You Notes? Really?

There are few things in life that you get excited about finding in your mailbox. A hand written thank you note ranks right up there just below Publishers Clearinghouse prize money! In fact, it could be one of the most powerful 'pick me ups' available, yet less expensive than that cup of fu-fu coffee!

When was the last time you received a hand written thank you note? Who was it from? How did it make you feel? Did you smile? Did you save it for day or two, or several?

If one of your 'love languages' happens to be Words of Affirmation, then you may be like me. I have a bulletin board full of little thank you notes from a variety of people in my life. From happy clients, special friends, or my own mother, there is nothing quite like three or four sentences of sincere, specific gratitude to make you feel valuable and appreciated. Wouldn't you agree?

Why would you be motivated to send a thank you note in your busy day? For just that reason... today's crazy, busy, high tech world needs the human factor to interupt the merry-go-round of schedules with a tiny hint of civility and old fashioned manners. The simple truth is, it takes so little time and effort to bring such tangible JOY to the recipient, not to mention the pleasure it will bring you to recount your gratitude.

Ready to try it? Here are a few quick tips to help make it easy:

Be Timely: The sooner you send a thank you note the better. If you wait, you may forget! Within a week is the goal.

Be Specific: Mention the gift and describe how you will use it. Mention the kind act and how it blessed you.

Be Brief: It doesn’t need to be a book. A few thoughtful and sincere sentences are enough.

Be Prepared: Create a ‘Thank You Note Box’ with small cards, a pen, stamps and address labels.

So my question for you is this... will you take ten minutes to send one of these drug free UPPERS to someone in your life?